Our line of products

We provide products for the entire Food Industry

Powdered Proteins and Fats

They improve the creaminess and texture of the products without interfering with their flavor or aroma, many of them are trans fat free. They have great natural clouding power, easy manipulation and storage.


These products of dairy origin have all the functionality provided by a protein allowing them to reach very high nutritional properties.

  • Sodium Caseinate: High emulsifying capacity and protein source. Ideal for use in margarines, processed cheeses, sausages, etc.
  • Calcium Caseinate: Ideal for nutritional and sports supplements.
  • Lactose-free Serum: It is a product with emulsifying properties and excellent flavor. It provides proteins and is ideal as a carrier.

Powdered Fats

They increase the fat content and the palatability in many products.

  • Vegetal Fat at 80%
  • Vegetal Fat at 70%
  • Powdered milk cream at 50%