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We provide products for the entire Food Industry

Nutricional Products

They are products that provide essential nutrients.

They are applied in nutritious beverages, dairy, ice creams, sweets, baked goods, soups, and many other healthy foods.

  • CALCIUM UP: It is the most natural alternative to incorporate calcium into your products.
  • FIBER UP: It is an important source of natural fibers of high solubility.
  • DOWN COL: This technology allows the extraction of cholesterol of the milk fat keeping its natural characteristics intact. It is applied in various products like butter, cheeses, milk cream, others.
  • FERRAMIN: It is an amino acids based complex that provides iron.
  • AMINO ZINC: It is an amino acids based complex that provides zinc.
  • PURE VITAMINS IN POWDER: A / B / C / D / E / K / others
  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: Ideal for sports supplement

  • Tailor-made pre-mixes formulated according to customer's requirements:

  • VITAMINIC MIX, according to the client's needs.