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We provide products for the entire Food Industry

Whipping Agents and Emulsifiers

They are integrated formulas of excellent performance that give volume and stability to the product, allowing the incorporation of air.

Cold whipping agent: Applicable in frozen desserts, instant puddings, mousses and others

  • MEGGLE (imported)
  • HIS OVERRUN (local, high performance):
    Powdered whipping agent that improves creaminess without fatty sensation in the mouth and maintains stability against thermal changes.
  • CREMOLAC PR: Specially developed as a replacement for fresh milk cream in confectionery and ice-cream industry. Ideal for high yields and stability in whipped cream.

Baking whipping agent: Applicable in formulations and premixes of cakes, muffins, cupcake and others.

  • MEGGLE (imported)
  • SPONGHIS (local, high performance): Powdered emulsifier that provides sponginess, height and longer shelf-life. Easy to incorporate into the process.