We provide products for the entire Food Industry

Whipping Agents and Emulsifiers

They are integrated formulas of excellent performance that give volume and stability to the product, allowing the incorporation of air.

Cold whipping agent: Applicable in frozen desserts, instant puddings, mousses and others

  • MEGGLE (imported)
  • HIS OVERRUN (local, high performance):
    Powdered whipping agent that improves creaminess without fatty sensation in the mouth and maintains stability against thermal changes.
    Special product to whip and generate a cream analogous to milk cream.

Whiping agent for baking: Applicable in formulations and premixes of cakes, muffins, cupcakes and others.

  • MEGGLE (imported)
  • SPONGHIS (local, high performance):
    Emulsifier powder that provides sponge, height, wettability, easy to incorporate into the process and longer life.

Texture Agents

They are formulations which improve the texture of the product by providing viscosity, gelling and stability without substantially modifying its other properties.

They are applied in desserts, glazed jellies, bakery products, fillings, sweets, other applications.

  • CMC
  • Guar Gum
  • Xantham Gum
  • Tara Gum
  • Agar-Agar
  • Semi-refined & refined carrageenan
  • Pectins

Dehydrated Products

"Nature in powder"

They are natural emulsions that by means of a cutting edge spray drying process are transformed into powder, conserving its properties: flavor and color.

This presentation increases its shelf life and can be communicated as a natural clean label product.

Its strength lies in the possibility of being applied where the natural product would not be possible to use, due to its short life and the deterioration of the final product .

It is applied in multiple formulations from its incorporation to the mass as in fillings, or inclusions of these, in different types of formulations within the baking process.

  • CHEESE: PARMESAN / ROMAN / CHEDDAR / CREAMY / REGGIANITO (Cheesebread, bread-sticks, crackers) / OTHERS


Used to eliminate or reduce calories from a wide variety of products in the baking industry, like sweet toasts and various applications.

  • Sucralosa – aspartamo – aseculfame k
  • Polidextrose
  • Tailor-Made Mix: Pre-mixes of non-nutritive sweeteners, optimizing synergies and costs.

Tailor-Made Stabilizers

They are mixes made according to customer requirements, to reach the appropriate texture, which promote the stabilization of the formulation, giving viscosity to the product, wettability, improving its texture, palatability and release of flavors.

They are applied in various lines of industrial baking.


They are substances that fulfill an essential function in the different products like the rise or fall of pH, it foments the leavening in baked goods, etc.


  • Sodium acid pyrophosphate
  • Monocalcium phosphate
  • Disodium phosphate
  • Tricalcium phosphate, others


  • HIS LEUDAR B: slow-acting leavening compound. Ideal for biscuits, muffins, puddings
  • HIS LEUDAR G: Fast acting leavening compound. Ideal for biscuits, crackers.

Nutricional Products

They are products that provide essential nutrients.

It is applied in a great variety of baked goods even from the flour, fortified according to law to the different nutrients desired by the client.

  • CALCIUM UP: It is the most natural alternative to incorporate calcium into your products.
  • FIBER UP: It is an important source of natural fibers of high solubility.
  • FERRAMIN: It is an amino acids based complex rich in iron.
  • AMINOZINC: It is an amino acids based complex rich in zinc.
  • PURE VITAMINS A / B / C / D / E / K / others
  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: Ideal for sports supplement

  • Tailor-made premixes formulated according to customer's requirements:



They are substances of high effectiveness proven at low concentrations in applications against the biological agents that shorten the life of the food substantially. They are natural replacements of chemical preservatives that enhances the quality of the food, improves its taste.

  • BAKING ENHANCERS - ALPHA HIS: Our line of baking enhancers will prolong the bread life, improve performance and increase freshness. Easy to handle and high efficiency. Suitable for short or long fermentations. High performance with low dosage

Powdered Proteins and Fats

They improve the creaminess and texture of the products without interfering with their flavor or aroma, many of them are trans fat free. They have great natural clouding power, easy manipulation and storage.


These products of dairy origin have all the functionality provided by a protein allowing them to reach very high nutritional properties.

  • Serum protein concentrate, high in milk salts, ideal for reducing sodium in baking.
  • Milk powder for baking and milk substitute for baking.

Powdered Fats

They increase the fat content and the palatability in many products.

  • Vegetal Fat at 80%
  • POWDERED MILK CREAM (CREMOLAC): Product made from milk cream that provides the same functional and flavor characteristics of a fresh product. This presentation increases its shelf life and facilitates logistical management by not requiring cooling transport and storage.
  • CREMOLAC PR: Specially developed as a replacement for fresh milk cream in confectionery and ice-cream industry. Ideal for high yields and stability in whipped cream.

Natural Colorants

They are substances used as food additives to recover the color, lost after an industrial processing, to accentuate the original color or to give it a more attractive one. Natural dyes are those extracted from a plant, animal or mineral substance.

Based on natural raw materials, from the main producing markets of the world. Better stability, clean label, high performance, global trend in food.

Product Variety

Liposoluble and water soluble, in powder or liquid format, with different concentrations. Customization in the presentations from 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) to 25 kilos (55.11 pounds).

  • Carmine of cochineal
  • Bixin
  • Norbixin
  • Beta-carotene
  • Turmeric
  • Rocú
  • Paprika