Food Service Solutions

We provide products for the entire Food Industry

Food Service Solutions

In IS Ingredients Solutions S.A. we are inspired everyday, analyzing the market and identifying new trends to satisfy the most demanding customers and markets.

We bring you our "Food Service & Solutions" product line for catering and fast food services, created especially to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

  • Mix for Cupcakes: Chocolate, vanilla and lemon flavor.
  • Mix for Puddings: Chocolate, vanilla and lemon flavor
  • Mix for Muffins: Chocolate, vanilla and lemon flavor
  • Cheese Bread Mix
  • Mix for Flans: Chocolate, vanilla, milk caramel (dulce de leche) flavor
  • Mousse Mix: Chocolate, milk caramel flavor
  • Mix for Chantilly
  • Mix for Instant Pastry Cream
  • Mix for Italian Merengue
  • Mix for Cafeteria & Vending: Foamer - Coffee Creamer
  • Mix for Irish Type Liquor Cream
  • Powdered Kosher whole milk
  • Powdered milk cream
  • Powdered milk cream substitute
  • Powdered whole milk substitute
  • Cremolac PR: Whipping cream, ideal for baking.

5 Kg Presentations.