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Dehydrated Products

"Nature in powder"

They are natural emulsions that by means of a cutting edge spray drying process are transformed into powder, conserving its properties: flavor and color.

This presentation increases its shelf life and can be communicated as a natural clean label product.

Its strength lies in the possibility of being applied where the natural product would not be possible to use, due to its short life and the deterioration of the final product .

It is applied in multiple formulations such as cappuccino, latte coffee, cream, coffee whitener, foamer - table-top sweeteners, others.

  • HIS COFFEE CREAMER: Coffee whitener with excellent dissolution and wettability, free of trans fats.
  • HIS FOAMER: It generates a stable and attractive foam for cafeteria, of excellent dissolution, maintaining its original flavor with A slight note of cream, stable to oxidation and reduced fat content.
  • POWDERED MILK CREAM (CREMOLAC): Product made from milk cream that provides the same functional and flavor characteristics of a fresh product. This presentation increases its shelf life and facilitates logistical management by not requiring cooling transport and storage.
  • Powdered milk for Vending, or it's substitutes.
  • Honey powder: ideal for sweetening naturally.
  • Milk Caramel (NFS Type): Ideal for caramel notes – in coffee latte


Used as a table top non-caloric sweetener, pure ingredients or its blend.

  • Sucralose – Aspartame – Acesulfame Potassium .
  • Polidextrose
  • Tailor-Made Mix: Pre-mixes of non-nutritive sweeteners, optimizing synergies and costs.