"HIS is a company dedicated to providing global solutions for the elaboration of food products."

We are dedicated to providing global solutions for the elaboration of food products, from the commercialization of raw materials to the development of Tailor made solutions, managing to optimize its productive processes.

IS has its industrial plant and applications lab located in General Rodriguez, coupled with the experience of its technical team and the support of global companies, to satisfy our clients' needs in ingredients and additives.

We accompany the market with favorable commercial conditions, based on competitive prices.


The demands of the consumers lead the food industry to contemplate new products (innovation), search for competitiveness, improvements in processes, nutritional qualities and savings in formulation costs.

We work proactively offering high quality services based on constant creativity. For this reason, the sum of all these priorities identify us with one word: "SOLUTION".

IS is born from a great experience in the food market; Dairy, meat, beverages and food in general. Texture agents, food stabilizing systems, dyes and tailor made formulations are our specialty. Our high experienced technologists contribute with innovative proposals and solutions.

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Over 32000 square feet warehouse

Our warehouse allows us to operate with a large volume of products easily.

  • 2 Electric stackers
  • Large storage capacity
  • Sectioned according to ISO 22000 regulations


IS has wide and modern facilities of reception, offices of production planning and dispatching, meeting rooms, various spaces for internal or client seminars. Our sales department and technical team work in tandem for the development of new projects.

The warehouse has large multi-storey racks, with raw material classification according to sanitary risk standards, presenting separations according to type of products through the use of two electric stackers, with ample space for preparation of container loading and dispatching.
The entire storage area is isolated, ventilated and under strict environmental control conditions for food substances.

Both the machine room and the entire process line facilities were built to the highest standards in accordance with ISO 22000 certification, with processing rooms such as solid pre-mix rooms with various pre-mixing equipment, double helicoid, bicones, etc.; As well as the rooms for liquid emulsions and its processesing, all built under stainless steel installations. The lines have pasteurization - cooling - homogenization, under a PLC programmer that commands the functions of these processes and makes them secure, being able to pack in liquid formats, concentrates, bag in box of different volumes, or feed the drying process from this room.

Our modern dehydration system, via nozzles fed with high pressure pumps, with static bed, in-line agglomeration systems and built-in vibro allows the drying of complex food systems, as well as encapsulated, and other powders of special characteristics, both physical and chemical.

The drying line is fully automated, its controls are conducted through an integral panel where the recipes and working parameters have been loaded. The powder can be packaged in different presentations from bags to boxes or drums, all with their respective manufacturing batch numbers to keep solid traceability rules.